My name is Rob and I want to tell you about my personal story regarding custody of my children.

When I met Rick in 2011 I was already in a custody battle with my ex-wife. She had left to visit complete strangers thousands of miles away and was completely addicted to online games. Although she was the one that I felt caused the decline of the marriage, her online friends and her felt that I was going to be taken to the cleaners. Why not, I make good money and she was passing her addiction off as just a temporary thing.

I sought Rick out when my high priced lawyers were not giving me the service I expected. I felt like I was losing the two most important things my children and my home. Every time I went to court with my previous attorney’s I received more bad news. It seemed like I was going to be on the hook for thousands of dollars a month and no way to keep my home.

Rick immediately gave me new hope and perspective on things. I could personally sit down with Rick and talk with him about the problems I was facing. My case eventually went to trial.

The trial lasted almost a full year of court dates and my ex trying to pull every dirty trick in the book. From making up stories of abuse to testifying I was an alcoholic. None of these accusations were true and Rick assured me that everything would be fine. I put my faith in Rick and stayed the course.

After all the trial dates, after all the custody battles after everything, I won. I got to keep the house, and I am the residential custodial parent. I don’t pay child support and my ex-wife is on the hook for 1/3rd of all the childrens expenses. I was absolutely trilled. My family was thrilled and knew that justice was served.

Once the trial was done I was having a conversation with Rick and his wife about the trial. I found out that Rick has done this time and time again for other dads. Rick never once mentioned this to me when we were going through the process. He was so humble as to simply make my case important and focus on the task at hand.

I work in IT and make a very good living. When I started I felt I needed a high priced lawyer to go in and strut their stuff. I was a fool for thinking that. What I found out that you need is a dedicated attorney. Rick is just that. In fact my case was not even in Rockford, it was in DeKalb. Which means Rick had to drive all the way there for every court date. His dedication to his work and his professional knowledge made the difference for me. I can say with all honesty that Rick can make the difference for you. I know he made all the difference in my world.