DUI Lawyer

DUI & Traffic Attorney in Rockford

It only takes one mistake, one more drink, one time speeding in a construction zone, one too many traffic tickets. Now you find yourself facing a drivers license suspension, jail time and a criminal record in Illinois. If you made a mistake on the road, don’t face it alone.

The Law Office of D. Richard Haime offers legal representation in all areas of traffic violations. Attorney Haime knows that each case is unique; and offers you the best representation for your specific situation.


Beating a DUI is often a tough battle. You can however have your case dismissed for over 50 different reasons. This is why it is critical to have an attorney who is experienced in defending DUI’s. Rick uses many different techniques to help turn an arrest into a dismissal. Here are just a few ways Rick has overturned DUI arrests. 

You can beat the breathalyzer! There are over 10 different legal points in breathalyzer testing alone. Your case can be dismissed by any one of these. Rick will gather this information for you and work to have your case dismissed. 

Wrongful Stop – This happens when you are stopped without cause. Officers will often target locations and stop you wrongfully. If they do this can be used to dismiss your case. 

The officer sets you up to fail – Many times people will comply with a request for a field sobriety test and fail it. This optional test is only 65% accurate in healthy people! If you have any medical conditions this optional test sets you up to fail. Rick can use this to convince a jury that you were not under the influence. 

Traffic Violations

It happens to everyone. A speeding ticket, a missed stop sign or perhaps the light turned from yellow to red. Traffic violations can raise the cost of your insurance and in some cases result in the revocation of your license. Rick will help defend your case and work to dismiss your violations. 

Keep your license If you are under 21 you can only have 2 violoations in a 2 year period. If you are over 21 you are allowed 3 in a one year period. Speeding tickets can be dimissed or ammended. This will allow you to keep your driving privilages.